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Below is a sample of the waters that we provide services on.

~Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing Preserve, Private Water~Wetting a Line
Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing Preserve was established in 1982 to provide discriminating and novice angler's the opportunity to catch quality fish in pristine waters of the Eastern Sierra.  This catch and release fishery has not disappointed in fact if you want to witness fish behavior there's no place in the Eastern Sierra that's better!

Pleasant Valley ColorsThe preserve is located on a working cattle ranch 35 miles from South Lake Tahoe and occupies over 900 acres of spectacular California Alps mountain range.  The approximately 3 1/2 miles of stream offer you everything from meandering meadow easy walking fishing to more challenging pocket water action in the lower stretches.

Reservations are required to fish the preserve and it may be reserved for guided or un-guided outings.  Rod spaces are kept to a minimum to insure that your day at the preserve does not turn into a competition for fishing space.

Call early to reserve your time on the water!

~East Carson River Wild Trout Section~
East Carson Toad
The State of California has designated a section of the East fork of the Carson River extending down stream from Hangman's Bridge, just South of Markleville, CA to the Nevada state line as a catch and release wild trout fishery. 

The benefits of being designated as a catch and release water are obvious.  The fish get bigger! 

This section of the river has become quite popular and may require that you put in that extra effort of getting further away from your bumper but the reward can be quite exciting!


~East Carson River Public Section~
Down Stream RunAbove Hangman's Bridge to the highway 4 bridge has come to be known as "The Public Section".  It's not really clear how it got that name as the whole river is open to the public and is located on US Forest Service land.  Never the less, this section of the river is regularly stocked by the California Department of Fish & Game and those stockings are then augmented by Alpine County. 

The plus of all the stockings can result in some spectacular fishing if you hit it right and know the holes to fish.  Alpine County has been known to stock with exceptional fish that can run you downstream into your backing in the blink of an eye.

The river has also received designation by the State of California as a Wild & Scenic River and is a free flowing un-impounded river.  Even during fall low flows you may find yourself hooked into a pig making a lightning down stream run that leaves you speechless.


~West Carson River~Wild Rainbow
Flowing through Hope Valley and along highway 88 the West Fork of the Carson River can offer exciting fishing opportunities especially for the  beginning fly-fisher.  Stocked with Rainbow Trout the river also supports a nice wild trout population if you're willing to brave the less accessible portions of the river to find them.  We at Alpine Fly Fishing strongly encourage catch and release fishing and request that all wild trout be released un-harmed back to the river. 


~Indian Creek Reservoir~
Indian Creek Spring RainbowHalf way between Woodfords, CA and Markleville, CA is Indian Creek Reservoir.  This still water fishery has been known to produce some trophy catches particularly in the spring and fall times of the year.  The reservoir is now receiving stockings of Heenan Lake, Lahontan Cutthroat brood stock once a year and is also stocked with Rainbow Trout from the state of California as well as from Alpine County. 


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